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Twister Alley Raceway at Butterfield MO

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2013 Rules for Twister Alley Raceway

Butterfield, MO

 There will be zero tolerance on fighting at Twister Alley.  

During a yellow, or prior to a race start, A stalled kart on the track must be moved to the marked work area adjecent to the stage area.  Upon re-formation of the field, a kart has 3 caution laps in which to make repairs.  Then, the green flies.  No exceptions. Any number of helpers may make repairs.


RLV mufflers should be safety wired, exhaust parts not to extend past rear bumper.  If not running a muffler, a washer must be welded to end of header. 

If you change engines or any major components during an event, it is your responsibility to notify The tech man.   Failure to do so may result in DQ. 

It's all about fairness and competition! 

In all classes of karts, a Wolf plate or plate on backside of seat is strongly recommended.  Header wrap is strongly recommended to prevent burns.  Also, a rib protector is strongly recommended to be worn by racers.

Once a racer moves up a class, he or she may not move back down.

JR I Cyclone 5-9 yr old

 #225 lb.  .425 green or silver plate on carb.  Plate will be checked with no-go AND checked for untouched anodize. Must run wide bumpers covering at least half of rear tires.  Front can be nose, or bumpers that protect front tires fully on front.   May run stock muffler or wienie header .750"maximum outside diameter, no flaring, 10 to 14 inch total length max. with or without muffler.  Muffler may be threaded on or welded on.  If no muffler, washer must be welded on end.  aftermarket air filter ok.  Motor must have kill switch either on motor or on kart near steering wheel.  It may be necessary at times to split JR I cyclone racers into beginner and expert races.

Junior II Cyclones:  10-14 yrs

#275 lb.  must run .550" Blue restrictor plate, checked with no-go and checked for full untouched anodize.  Any header/muffler allowed.  Muffler optional. 

Adult Cyclones:  14 yrs-up

# 300 lite, #350 medium , #400 heavy,  400 and 435 shall have a 200# max kart weight.

 The #300 pound lite class is considered an ADULT class. Open header rule.


Youth winged Outlaw


8-13 yrs.  275# Unrestricted Stock Clone winged.

Open class and Run Whatcha Brung

Vehicle must be of safe design and not pose hazards to persons or the facility.

Management reserves the right to allow or disallow any vehicles.  No cars.

Flat track motorcycles

No front brake, no knobby rear tires, front ok, 16” minimum rear wheel.  Front and side number plates mandatory. 

4 Wheelers

350cc and down, 400cc and up

Flat track rear tires or worn out knobbys.  Must have an operating kill switch.  Rider must wear approved safety gear, i.e. jersey or riding leathers, gloves, helmet, racing eye protection, boots, pants minimum.  MUST HAVE LEGIBLE FRONT AND BACK NUMBERS.  You will not be scored if unreadable.  No exceptions.


Rules subject to be added to or subtracted from.

 Stock Appearing Flathead

14 yrs.-up.    Motor must be stock upon visual inspection.  Do what you want to the inside.  Billet Carb ok.  Fun kart carb ok.  Must run stock tank.  No Tillotson carbs.  Billet side cover ok.  No hot fuel.  Tech items may be modified, added, or deteted at the track’s discretion.  Tech man’s decision is final. 

3 kart minimum for payback.  If there is a kart type that has insufficient numbers, we will give you hot, heat, and feature laps with a $15 track fee.

                   Driver and kart requirements

We reserve the right to pre inspect race vehicles for safety concerns.  Any person observing safety concerns are urged to contact an official and we will address the issue promptly.   All fuel tanks must be mounted between the frame rails, in front of the seat and behind the steering components.  All lead weights must be bolted to kart, safety nutted or wired, painted WHITE with the kart number on weight.  No bags of shot or otherwise insecure weight allowed.  All headers not running a muffler shall have a washer welded on the end and not extend beyond the rear bumper.  It is strongly recommended that a Wolf plate or plate on the backside of the seat be installed on your kart.  Rib protectors are also recommended.

Drivers must handle their kart in a safe manner at all times.  Pit conduct shall be to park in an orderly fashion as to maximize open space and police your pit area as to keep an orderly and safe area. Please protect you valuables.  Karts moving in the pit area shoud not exceed 3 mph.   

NO ALCOHOL  shall be consumed while race program is underway.

If any driver or crew is observed consuming, they will be asked to leave. All drivers must understand and follow flagging procedures and race format. Parent or guardian is asked to assist rookies.


Each kart must be of a safe, well built fashion.  Cotter keys on front wheels, all steering components must be Cotter keyed or safety wired.  Must have good working brakes, no front brakes.  No ratchet hubs or traction control devices.  Numbers must be legible.  Non readables will not be scored.  Identical numbers, the second number registered shall add a letter to the number.  Late arrivals will be placed tailback.   Kart weight as raced is final.  

Drivers must wear protective gloves, an approved helmet full face, goggles ok.  An approved neck restraint, driving jacket with full length sleeves, denim ok, no sweatshirts, hoodies, Baja's.  Long hair should be kept inside helmet.  Must have long pants, driving suit recommended, jeans ok.  No sweat pants, M.C. Hammer type parachutes or Goth chain or otherwise non-fitting pants.  Must run closed toed shoes or boots.   Rib protector is recommended but not mandatory.  Ear plugs are recommended but not mandatory.

Drivers must have signed waiver upon arrival and any racer under the age of 18, a legal guardian or parent must sign the minor release and waiver.  We must have this on file.  Drivers must have a registered kart and pit pass band.   All others in pit area must show pit pass band.  Please have these in a visible area On Your Person.  Your tool box or dash of truck will not count. 

Rain outs before heats are finished will be via rain check or money refunded, less pit pass.  No refunds for other reasons once kart hits the track.  2 spin out rule in effect. 1st spin, go tailback.  If you are the cause of or are involved in an incident bringing out the yellow flag, you must go tailback. On the last lap, if the leader and another kart is involved in a racing incident, they will go tailback.  If judges determine the leader was intentionally wrecked, we reserve the right to give the leader the spot back and send the offender tailback. 


The intent of karting at Twister Alley is for fun, competition and the love of racing.  Your conduct may be judged for your spirit and intent at any time at the track.  Be mindful of this at all times. This rule will be used when we  encounter facets of karting not specifically addressed in the rules.  We must then make decisions based of facts and whether the infraction is a clear case of trying to controvert the spirit of the event.  We hope to never use this rule.  Be aware of all regulations that apply to you and your kart.  Before attempting to modify your kart in a fashion not addressed in the rules, ask an official if it is allowed. You should “intend” to compete successfully, but if your “intent” is winning by circumventing the rules, then you should reconsider your involvement in the sport.

Line-ups and tech:

When entering, drivers shall draw a number.  Lowest number starts on pole and so on.  After heats, we may or may not use an invert process to determine feature lineups.  A heat winner will draw one of 3 chips. This will determine if the invert is 0, 1, 2 or full rows for the feature.   12 karts max. to a feature.  If there is enough karts to hold a B feature, certain finishers will go tailback in the A.   

Spins on the first lap will be a re-start.  After first lap, single file restarts. Green flag will wave upon karts arriving at the orange cone in turn 4.Jumping the start before the cone, will result in a warning then tailback.  Flag man has discretion on good line ups and starts.   A full red flag means do not pass the incident.  If a kart stalls, it may attempt to be be restarted by an official or helper.  If a kart has an issue, and must leave the track, it may re-enter that race in a safe fashion, but will not be scored.  No one allowed on the track during a race except to help remove/restart a disabled kart under a caution or red.  After a race, the top 3 or more karts may be directed to the tech shack. Kart will be scaled and then subject to any tech.  Driver is allowed 1 pit crew to assist in tech.  We reserve the right to perform tech after all races are completed.Any claims must be traded on site at that time.   Karts not reporting as directed will be disqualified.  We reserve the right to tech fuel and or oil for additives at any time.

Entry Fees:

Pit Passes $12  

JR I 5-9 yr old $10 entry fee Trophy class

Jr II 10-14 yr old  $10 entry fee Trophy class

Youth winged  5-8, 8-13  yrs $10 entry fee Trophy class

Adult classes $20 kart fee payback 1/2 field in A Feature

Special events payouts to

 be determined